Nat Elkins

Administrative Assistant

As an Administrator at Performance Charter School Development (PCSD), Nat facilitates the weekly department meeting, records and transcribes comprehensive meeting minutes, and prepares and distributes progress reports to schools. They also coordinate team registration for charter school conferences and represent the PCSD at these events. Nat enjoys working with a dynamic and innovative team that is dedicated to creating high-quality charter schools across the nation.

Nat has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts (Journalism Emphasis) from Boise State University, where they honed their skills in storytelling and content creation across various mediums. They have nearly a decade of professional experience in the fields of communications and digital media, working as a news producer, a sales specialist, and a freelance writer. Nat has produced award-winning news programs, developed effective communication strategies, and created engaging content for diverse audiences and industries. They are proficient in the management of social media platforms, administrative support, and the implementation of internal communication plans. Nat is passionate about the art of communication and the impact it can have on people and organizations.