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Let Us Help You Solve the Facility Issue

Performance Charter School Development works with charter schools to solve their facility problems. We provide 100% of capital and service needed to build your school. Our services include: acquiring, financing, designing and building your facility. We understand that acquiring or building a new school is a huge logistical and financial undertaking. It’s our goal to streamline the process for our clients so you can focus on the needs inside the classroom.

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Step One: Assignment and Analysis

Performance Charter School Development partners with the charter school operator. Before Performance can start working towards a permanent school solution, it must first understand the school’s history, mission, philosophy, and goals.

Step Two: Facility Finance

Whether you’re a new start up or existing charter school operator, Performance provides 100% of the capital needed to finance your school building.  The charter school operator will sign a 20 to 25 year lease with open-ended purchase options anytime during the term of the lease.

Step Three: Property Identification/Acquisition

Through collaboration and communication with the charter school operator, Performance is able to tailor the property to the needs of the school. Before the site is selected, Performance models out the economics of the school building to ensure the cost and quality of the structure is in line with the operator’s expectations and finances.

Once the budget is targeted, the school and Performance work together to decide where the school should be located. Consideration for the appropriate location includes demographics, size of land, and approved usage. Once the site is selected Performance will put the property under contract and begin working through entitlement process to ensure that a school is allowed to operate in that specific location.

Step Four: Design/Build

Performance works with the charter school operator and its design team (architects, engineers) to ensure the building meets the enrollment, programming and budget requirements of the charter school operator. The operator has an active role in the design process which results in delivering the building you’ve always wanted. During this process, Performance actively seeks a general contractor that can deliver quality on a timely basis.

Step Five: Purchase Options

Charter school operator has the option to purchase the facility at ANY TIME during the process. Performance has the ability and contacts to help the charter school operator select the appropriate financing model.